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Images - Groundwater Monitoring Equipments - isco
An innovative bio-remediation technology, Accelerates natural attenuation, Currently operating on hundreds of sites in the USA, Canada Europe and Asia,
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Inventures Technologies Inc
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General Information

Approved in many states for petroleum and dry cleaning sites. Pay-for-performance technology (fixed costs & high performance).

Product Description
Operation & Maintenance:
  • • Very low cost O&M technology.
  • • Has no moving parts and does not require electricity.
  • • Oxygen transfer efficiency is nearly a 100%.
  • • Annual 5 iSOC® set up operating cost is between $400 and $800.
  • • One iSOC® unit will use 1 cubic feet (28 l) of oxygen per day.
  • • A typical 40 cubic foot cylinder (7 x 18 inches) will last approximately 40 days per iSOC®.
  • • Site visits: Change out tanks and do regular sampling.

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